Steve's rod will have matching burl rosewood with garnet & gold thread

Joan's rod will have mother of pearl and purple w/gold thread.

It was an easy 115 mile drive from Hat Creek to Reno and the Grand Sierra Resort RV Park. The weather here is dry dry dry, yippee! Immediately after setting up the coach we opened up windows, closets, the basement, storage boxes, fishing equipment bags for drying out. It's been 5 months of dampness in the NW, with constant 40% and higher humidity. Today in Reno the humidity is 19% and 75 degrees. This visit to Reno will accomplish several things, Connect with friends and family then the mandatory doctor visits to make sure we're in top shape before continuing on south. The doctor visits have been scheduled on Monday so we can concentrate on friends and family (the good things in life). NOTE: To the staff of the 152 Intel Sqdn where Dave used to work he sends a heartfelt THANK YOU for the wonderful get well card, signed by about 30 or more people. He received it several weeks ago in one of our mail shipments. Tears welled up in his eyes and he choked up for the kindness and thoughtfullness shown by this hardworking group of people.

The latest update for Dave and his injured back. He reports, the last 3 nights have been nights of restful sleep with NO painful wakeups. He says, he's 99.8% back to normal. We'll see what the family doctor says about all this after the bone density scan he's gonna have.

On this visit, Dave gets to work on and hopefully complete two fly fishing rods. Friends Steve & Joan Graham called in the order way back in July just before Dave's fall. He couldn't sit upright long enough until recently to complete the work.

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