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No Dogs Allowed (These ancient walls run through parts of the course)

I Know I look Old & Fat But I Need Proof I...

I Put An Offer In On This One

The Front of My B&B

Nice Old Coastal Town

Cool Volcanic Islands Right Off The Coastline

I started the day off by eating a full Scottish breakfast at my B&B consisting of fried bacon (looks more like thin slices of ham) orange juice, coffee, toast with lemon marmalade, blood sausage and a poached egg...Yummy. I checked out of my B&B, said goodbye to St. Andrews and hit the road south to North Berwick. I think I'm getting the hang of this UK driving because no one is honking, flashing their lights or telling me I'm #1 with their fingers any more! I drove into the West Links Golf Course which is the 14th oldest course in the world and ranked each year in the top 100 courses internationally. The course is very unique in it's layout and is very beautiful since a majority of holes have ocean views with several right along side. I was joined with three local Scots who were great to play with. They invited me into their regular betting game and my partner and I won three ways and I took home three pounds (my trip just got cheaper dear!). Next they invited me up inside the private clubhouse for a couple of pints of my new favorite beer (Bellingham's Best) and some fresh fish and chips. They were another example of why the Scottish people are the nicest people I have ever met (besides all of you of course). After I left the course I walked across the street to a B&B where I scored a room for less than I payed in St. Andrews and it has an ocean & golf course view and internet (Saved money again dear!). I did some walking around the great little coastal town and then came back to the room. Tomorrow I will drive to Stirling to see the William Wallace Memorial (remember Mel Gibson's character in Braveheart?) and then on to Edinburgh to see the Castle. Take care and keep the emails coming! Kevin

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