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Nice room with electric blankets

Riley and Amelia


Off We Race






We went to get the bus to Yuanyang (rice terraces). When we arrived at the bus station we found ourselves bombarded with people trying to sell us tickets, but were grateful when we found someone who actually wanted to help us and they directed us to the correct bus. It was a long, very bumpy bus ride out of the city. It was very beautiful driving through this part of China, lots of mountains, scenery and farm land. At times it was scary driving up the mountain.

We met two American girls on the bus, they are studying in China and speak fluent Chinese. We thought they were quite useful people to hang around with and decided to ditch our pre booked hostel in favour for an easy life, also it’s cheaper on taxis if you travel in a group.

Our group of four soon turned into nine when we met five Germans. What a result as one of them (Sophia) was fluent in Chinese as well. Sophia organised everything. As we turned up quite late in the evening a plan was made to head straight up to the viewing point for sunset. We decided to stay together for the 24 hours, which made the transport cheaper, it cost us 85rmb each (about 8pounds). The attraction to these rice terraces is that at certain times of the year, when the terraces are full of water and the sun reflects off of the different layers, it produces loads of colours and mirror-like images though out the valleys. You have to be quite lucky to catch it at its most spectacular time. We can only imagine how amazing it would have been had we been there during a time when a full array of sunset colours and reflections are displayed. Nonetheless, it was still worth seeing.

We had a slight problem with our accommodation, but the drivers helped sort it out. They also took us to a place for dinner, it was tasty and cheap. It was colder than what we expected, but luckily the hotel beds had electric blankets.

Early to bed, for early rise.

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