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The collar that attaches to the mast

The outside collar with the screws still attached

Helloooo lifelines


On our tough passage to Crescent City we had some scary times. Just as I crawled into the bunk I heard a loud crash! OMG – What now? By then, Mike was in the cockpit and all I saw was our sail and whisker pole flying in the wind…. unattached. Though the passage was rough, we were enjoying perfect downwind sailing. For those non sailors, a whisker pole is used to hold your headsail/genoa out to catch wind coming from the aft/rear of the boat. It works wonderfully, when it works.

With life jacket and harness on Mike heads forward to hang on for dear life and attempt to wield the pole into a stable submission. Of course this had to happen in the middle of the night just for a little extra drama. Long story short, our whisker pole is busted and lies lashed onto our port side deck/gunnel until we figure out what to do with the damn thing.

We got so lucky that there was no damage to Mike or the decks, windows or the hull as a result of this failure. The lifelines took the brunt of the impact and the whisker pole is severely scratched from riding on the lifelines until the pole was harnessed on deck.

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