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Dead Guy, Double Dead Guy and Yellow Snow Ales getting ready for...

One feels small out there...some are smaller than others

Rough conditions

Away he goes...

Castle Rock just outside the Crescent City harbor entrance

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This is what our world looks like at times, hour after hour....

Minutes before departure from Newport, Oregon,the skipper was wheeling cases of Rogue Brewery's various beers (for ballast I'm sure) onto the boat to stow and go.

We started the passage at about 12:30 p.m. Not long after we cleared the safe water buoy the swells and chop appeared to be a bit bigger than expected but sometimes that's just how it goes. This time things were okay until the really big, ugly swells started coming from 2 different directions with wind chop on top of them. Let's just say it made for a very long night and day of sailing with about 20 kts of wind. Terra firma never felt so good. We quickly toasted our arrival and headed out to dinner at a popular local eatery. It was nice to eat a lot! See underway when it is rough, we don't eat much. We don't ever get physically sick but we may feel a bit nauseous. After spending the last year on the Inside Passage to Alaska, the waters were often protected from swells. This day reminded me of THE big difference between the two, swell. The name makes it sound cheerful and sweet, doesn't it? Swell! Yeah, swell, ugh! Couldn't the open ocean be a little friendlier? At the end of the day, we made 210 nautical miles in 28 hrs.

Today we sailed another 11 hours to Eureka, California. We anticipate being here almost a week as we wait for another weather window to head south but we're getting closer all the time. We have about 600 miles to go! See ya.

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