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our day 24, day 10 on rt 66 - sat., 10th - finally we have a non-rain day, cold but no rain. we are moving along at snails pace (you can either do the road only or stop for photo ops to make time but NOT both), we've stoped at several places w/many photos on the 6's - one place we stopped at paris junction, at a reconstructed gas station from the 20s and talked to the original owner, gary turner (who built it) for over an hour, what stories he had to tell as well as good advice on travelling the 6's...we could fill this page with things we talked about and how he has met 1000s of people from all over the USA and world...what a man and what a gentleman... if the world was made up of people like him.

ron & bebe

see our day 10 on rt66 photos (not all photos are named, will do some later as we find names...)


where we are by google map


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