Meandering to Quebec & The Maritime Provinces travel blog

The weather wasn't conducive to sightseeing today so we hung around the coach. I did some scrapbooking and Joe did his thing on the computers. It was dreary, cold, and damp. We felt sorry for the weekend warriors out trying to enjoy the last fling of the season for Columbus Day.

Late afternoon, we headed down to Albany to meet John & Sandy for dinner. The crowds had descended on Lake George and the weather must have sent all of them running to the Outlet Mall; the traffic around the mall was horrible. We finally made it to the Northway and headed south. The GPS kept us away from the worst traffic tie-ups and there was a wreck on the northbound lanes, which, of course, delayed both northbound and southbound....Joe calls them rubber-neckers..those who slow down to see what's going on.

We made it to John & Sandy's...Sandy was still at work so we visited with John, Shane (their son) and Susie (their daughter) came by as well to say Hello. When Sandy came home from work, we all went to Chili's for dinner...what a great evening. It was so great to catch up with them again....although, we've set a record this year...we've seen each other three times....

We headed back to Lake George, and the traffic was much better behaved on the way back. We're planning an early morning so we hit the sack pretty early. Time to head to Oklahoma!!

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