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Colourful fish at the Blue Hole

Nemo's pad

We finally got enough motivation to get of our butts here and do something. So, off to the Blue Hole we went for a day of snorkelling.

The coral forms a vertical wall in the shape of a crescent. The deep blue colour of the water accents the brilliant colours of the fish and the colourful coral. This is the type of thing you want to see each time you go snorkelling!! As this is a very popular spot for divers, we could see them below as we were snorkelling. Very neat.

The water was surprisingly cold. We were both shivering in the water and could only last about 30 minutes before we had to get out and warm up.

After a long search that started in the Cook Islands, we finally found Nemo!! We also saw fish that were violently pink with blue spots (holy, bright!!), fish that were a deep indigo colour with yellow fins, a swordfish, and a big puffy tope fish with black spots (how scientific).

Great day. We warmed up later with a sahlab --warm custard with chocolate and mango sauce. Yum!!

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