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Alexander Keith's Birthday Party.

Thats the talking head on TV!

Peggy's Cove.

Peggy's Cove between tour buses.

Little fishing view.

Some fall colours in sunshine.

We drove into Halifax, Nova Scotia on the one month anniversary of leaving Kelowna (I know)! So we already had an excuse to party. After checking out the neat downtown and harbor, we went for a tour of the Alexander Keith’s Brewery where we learnt that it was his 114th birthday today! In lieu of this, there was a concert going on down town that night but you had to win tickets- you could not buy them. It must have fate because not 5 minutes after learning this, we were approached by a girl who wanted to be rid of some spare tickets! Sweet! That made up our minds to change our plans from a quiet night camping to pub crawling and crashing in the van on the street.

It was a fun night which started with the brewery tour (beer supplied of course), a few pubs in the middle and then the show. The birthday concert rocked with great bands and a wonderful atmosphere. We found a thirst for Keith’s beers (those who like it, like it a lot!). Steve was on a mission to get free Keith’s birthday shirts and ended up sweet talking not one but three ladies out of theirs.

The next day sucked (for me). Steve was annoyingly fine as usual. Travelling and hangovers mix about as well as a fat kid and brussel-sprouts. The windy road down to the picturesque fishing village of Peggy’s Cove was murder. However, after some KFC and sharp sea winds, I felt much better and could enjoy the scenery.

Later, we drove across the peninsula and took a ferry over the Bay of Fundy to Saint John, New Brunswick. We spent our last night in Canada here (yikes) before we change our bearing from east and head on south down towards the sunshine!

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