Lexi and Hiro's Round The World Journey 2008-2009 travel blog

Hiro is still a kid

at the baseball

superstar Ichiro

there was a beer garden in the stadium

you can get quite close to the player

enjoyed the game

Pike Place Market

cram chowder

in the market

very first starbucks

dried chillies

We took a bus from Vancouver to head back down into the US, going through customs at the US border wasn’t too painful, and it only took 4 hours to arrive at Seattle, our first city on the West Coast. Seattle isn’t a big city, but nice and cosy bay side city famous as the birthplace of grunge rock and Starbucks.

The Pike Place Market is huge and busy market full of fresh produce and handcrafts by the water, and is apparently the oldest operating farmers market in the US. The guys at the fish shop were throwing big salmons in the air that was amazing to all us tourists looking on. We also visited the original very first Starbucks across the market. We saw Starbucks pretty much every place we’ve been to, from Asia to Europe, and it is amazing that it’s all started from this little coffee shop in Seattle.

Clam chowder is popular here, served in a sourdough bread loaf. Lexi tried it at a small shop on a pier it was very delicious and a good way to warm up. Hiro had fish and chips again, but the dough they used for fish was very different, it was like donut, very soft but not crispy.

The biggest reason we stayed in Seattle was to see a baseball game. The best Japanese baseball player, Ichiro is playing for the Seattle Mariners. He is one of the best baseball players in the world, and Lexi loves him too. When we arrived at the Safeco Field it was raining and chilly, but with a retractable roof it wasn’t a problem. We really enjoyed watching baseball here with loud Seattle fans, famous garlic fries and local beer. The Mariners won the game, and Ichiro had a few good hits as well.

We are now heading further South to San Francisco, looking forward for a bit warmer weather

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