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Jim with our hostess, Debbie Patchett.

On the first tee Jim and Sandy were eager to hit the...

Lorren and Debbie Patchett were great to play golf with.

Sandy with one of her new pink 'HOPE' golf clubs.

Jim did good on the front nine, but we won't talk about...

It's sunny, Sandy just hit a great shot with her new club,...

If you have to walk a golf course, then Casa Blanca in...

Our camp site at the Californian RV Resort.

Maybe tomorrow it will get warm enough to actually enjoy the pool?

Yesterday we enjoyed playing 18 holes of golf with Lorren and Debbie Patchett at the Casa Blanca Golf Club. It was the first day open to the public after being reseeded for the winter and the carts were only allowed on the cart paths. This made for a little longer game but a lot of exercise! And after “walking” up a big appetite we enjoyed a great lunch at the Wolf Creek Golf Club restaurant. We finished the afternoon off by falling asleep at the pool. Well, Jim tried to fall asleep, but his snoring kept walking him up by getting hit on the arm!

Today’s trip was a leisurely 320 mile drive from Mesquite, Nevada to The Californian RV Resort in Acton, California. We are located just north of the large Station fire that burned so long in Southern California this summer. It has burned over 160,000 acres (251 sq miles) and killed two firefighters. We are thankful it is over.

As Jim walked to check out the pool and bathroom facilities, he met the man who came in right after we did. He began to tell him that he was a minister from Elma, Washington, and he bought his motor home for $4,000, put $9,000 into it, and plans on putting in another $7,000 more to complete it. “But this world doesn’t know what truth is. It could be their truth or this truth, but there’s only one truth. You know what I mean?”

Jim looked at him, grinned, and said, “Ain’t that the truth!”

He smiled and said he was glad I knew what he was talking about. He explained how he uses his motor home for counseling people, and he and his wife came from the Free Zone Convention in Pasadena. By now Jim was a bit confused. He went to explain how the church of Scientology was taken over by force before Ron Hubbard died. About half split off forming the Free Zoners. After talking about the church and how ‘things’ aren’t what they appear to be, money is of no ‘real’ use, how the new church sucks money out of the congregation (Ton Cruise, John Travolta, etc), and how he charges $120/hr to council people. He looks at Jim and says, “Hey, we still have to eat and pay bills! And the people we council actually get something for their money!”

He stopped and asked what kind of a water filter we have. Jim told him a Pure Filter. He then tells Jim how he is a retailer for the multi-filter unit that’s cheaper and costs less money. Jim started walking toward our coach and thought if he thinks we’re going to buy from him, it must be all in his mind!

We plan on having dinner with our niece and her family tomorrow night in Rosamond, California, and we aren’t sure what we will do before then, so stay tuned to see what happens.

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