Voyage of the Wayward Wind - 2009 travel blog

Wednesday, September 16 thru Monday,October 5, 2009

We arrived at Chesapeake Bay Thousand Trails and spent time trying to pick a site, finally settling on one that was wooded and private, but not as close to the river as I would have liked. Drew was going to be leaving me here while he took care of some business in Maryland. He felt I’d be better off nearer the store and clubhouse. Of course, he was right. Our plan for our stay here is to just relax and maybe get some more paper work taken care of.

The first weekend, the park was packed! They were hosting a Bluegrass Festival (9 Hrs) on Saturday, and it was very well attended. Also, there was a Bounder rally scheduled to start nearby on Monday, so lots of Bounders were gathered early at Thousand Trails.

The next weekend found lots of empty sites. I guess Saturday’s activities of a day of scrapbooking and an evening DJ for listening and dancing just didn’t have the draw of Bluegrass.

The park offers breakfasts every Saturday and Sunday. We always go to support their efforts - you know ‘Use it or Lose it!’. We met a nice couple at b’fast, Grace & Deems Melvin from Lynchburg, VA. Their son, Leland, is an astronaut and is scheduled for the shuttle flight on Nov 12. He will be NASA’s robotics expert on this mission and will be the one maneuvering the arms during docking with the Space Station.

The bowling alley in the nearby town of Gloucester sponsors a seniors bowling time every Monday morning. You get 3 games plus all the donuts and coffee you want for $5. So Drew & I decided to give bowling a try. It took a while before I was able to figure out how to bowl and keep my balance, but I did fairly well. I mean somebody has to be in last place, right? And for 3 weeks I held that spot well. Then on our last game on the third week, I tied for first place!!!!

While here we did get some paperwork done, we did do lots of relaxing, and we did see the doctor several times to take care of some annoyances we both had. Now we are off to another Thousand Trails Park, Forest Lake, in North Carolina for a few days just because we haven’t been there before.

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