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We took Route 6 across northern Pennsylvania and into New York State. Some people say it is one of the most beautiful rides in the country, and it is really pretty. As we head north, the trees are becoming more and more alive with brilliant colors of Fall; and the leaves are blowing in the wind past our windows now.

We made it to “upstate” New York, which is not a pretty as I remembered it to be years ago. The colors seemed a little dimmer, and the houses a little shabbier. There appears to be a difference between the New England folks way of maintaining their homes, and the New York style. It may just be the areas we drove through, and the individual city, but it looks like the homes are in disrepair and need a good paint job in a lot of cases. I remember “upstate” New York as a child, when leaving the city and driving for hours, to the “country” looked absolutely bright and beautiful to me. So, maybe I am just disappointed, and the real thing just doesn’t live up to the childhood memories.

I read this last paragraph to Dick, and he said that we only drove about 100 miles through New York, and we went through a fairly large city that was not particularly pretty. So, NEVERMIND, Gilda.

Or, maybe it just wasn’t as wonderful experience then I anticipated because it was raining, and gray. Places to stay for the night are few and far between, and Dick located a fairly nice park in Harpursville, N.Y. Because the weather is not so nice, we decide to make this into an opportunity to do our laundry, which we have been avoiding and which needs doing because we are running out of underwear and socks. Have to remember to buy more socks next time we are at Wal-Mart…..

Tomorrow we will travel from New York into Vermont, where we will join the rest of the “Leaf Peepers”.

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