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Leaving the Juan de Fuca Strait and rounding Cape Flattery and Tatoosh...

Fishing boat exiting the bar

A ship passing us by at the bar

Busy at the helm

Approaching the bar

Once inside, Astoria and the 101 bridge comes into view.

Gary and Linda aboard

Walking on tip toes. Why?

Okay ladies, what NOT to wear when visiting a boat! Crazy Linda.

Linda and Lisa

Mike and Gary

Trolley conductor

Taken from the Columbia River Bar Memorial of 600 who have lost...

Whacking your head is one of the hazards of living aboard.

Since leaving Port Angeles, Washington we left the protected waters of the Juan de Fuca Strait and rounded Cape Flattery and Tatoosh island into the Northern Pacific. After 32 hours of uncomfortable confused sea conditions meaning 7-9 ft. swell on the beam and a couple of feet of wind waves from another direction, we decided our best option was pulling into the Columbia River bar just south of Cape Disappointment, due to the degrading sea state. It was tough to sleep, eat or just do about anything on board. Crossing the bar was filled with anxiety. Personally, I have never longed to cross this bar which is clearly the most notorious bar dubbed, “The Graveyard of the Pacific” where 2,000 vessels have foundered here in the past. Due to this fact, Astoria is home to the U.S. Coast Guard ocean rescue school. The swells were large, breakers were making way on the spits north and south and big ships were rocking and rolling right along with us but the channel was well marked. Luckily we made it in before the bar closed at the ebb. We made 222 miles of progress leaving about 850 miles to go. Sounds daunting but I remember the old adage about eating an elephant.....one bite at a time. First and foremost, we must exit this bar safely!

We sit in Astoria, Oregon with Washington just a memory at about 4 miles north of here. While here we were lucky enough to have visitors. Mike’s sister Linda and her husband Gary, join us overnight. They live in nearby Aberdeen , Washington about 60 miles northeast. After a nice evening out at the wonderful local bistro, we visited and shopped on Sunday and off they went. It’s always a pleasure to have guests.

We took a local trolley into downtown Astoria. It is an old time trolley running along the waterfront about 2 miles. There has been a bit of revitalization in this area with a population of about 10,000. Stopped into the Farmer’s Market,a nice diversion.

As soon as the Pacific improves here thus we will try to get out of here as soon as possible to make the next jump. Sea ya!

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