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Bed with new mattress

Washer and Dryer Stack unit

Dryer on top

Washer on the bottom

DVR on new shelf

Ed, Dan and Jesse

Our own tour group at Mark Twain's home


Marilyn, Pat and Ginger



Cathy and Pat

Dan and Steve

Marilyn and Ginger

Ed and Jesse

Cathy and Pat

Waiter brings the food

We slept until 7:30 this morning, which is pretty good for us. We had our morning coffee before we got really busy on our “Post-Travel” chores.

Marilyn took our laundry to the laundry mat to get caught up, before she begins using our own washer and dryer.

While she was gone, I did the dishes and put them away, installed the light shade on the light over the dining room table, installed the shroud around the base of the toilet, set up the desk top computer, set up the TV and Wii in the basement storage area, set up chairs, the grill and tables outdoors, installed the sewer hose, and then went back inside for a shower.

Dressed in clean clothing, I went back outdoors to talk with Jesse for a bit.

Marilyn returned about that time and I carried the laundry inside for her.

Dan & Pat were on the way to our place and we saw them drive in.

The big exchange of hugs followed as we all greeted one another.

After visiting for awhile, the six of us climbed into our Van and drove into town. At the historic district, I explained some of the sights and we took a few pictures on the river front. Next we drove to Riverview Park. We passed by the hospital where Jennifer works and promised our friends to stop by there on the way back.

We drove to Monroe City to show our friends the house we had built on the golf course, thinking that we would live out our retirement in this one place. We spoke of how life changes and we are so happy that things turned out the way they did. We are very pleased to be full-time RV’ers.

Leaving our “Home town” we returned to Hannibal, drove around the hospital campus, then drove out to the Garth Mansion, before making a stop at Lover’s Leap.

Jesse & Ginger needed to return to the campground to walk the “boys” before we went out to eat.

Our friends, Steve & Cathy had met Jesse & Ginger as well as Dan & Pat, when we were all in the Rio Grande Valley last winter.

Tonight we had a mini-reunion as we all gathered at one of the local Mexican restaurants for a cold drink and some tasty Tex-Mex food.

We lingered after the meal ended, reluctant to part company as the conversation and the laughter were joyful and comfortable. Being in the company of good friends, with plenty of food and drink, is one of life’s simple pleasures.

We parted company with Steve & Cathy, hugs and “so long” were in order before waving and heading back to the campground.

It was a repeat as we said so long to Dan & Pat, as they were heading back to their RV at Mark Twain Lake.

We have more fun planned for tomorrow, but we’ll all have to wait to see what adventures that day has in store…..

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