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Old flat car in Santa Rosalia

Locomotive on display Santa Rosalia

Hotel Santa Rosalia

Main room of hotel

Looking out over Santa Rosalia harbor

View of Santa Rosalia from surrounding hillside

Fossilized shells

Old ore elevator at wharf Santa Rosalia

The good ship Columbia - with its passengers

Marina at Santa Rosalia. Distant Shores is closest on left side

We spent a month at Marina Real. We took a short trip back to the states driving to Phoenix then flying to Norfolk, VA for a short visit with Gray & Fatima. Upon our return to Phoenix we continued with our shopping extravaganza picking up much needed parts for the boat and some comfort foods like Tillamook cheese, M&Ms, Chocolate Chips, Halloween candy and spices. Jim & Patty Walmann were gracious enough to open their Tucson home for us to stay for 3 nights before hauling our horde back across the border. Fortunately there were no issues with customs and the trip back was uneventful. We kept the car for a few more days enabling us to do some provisioning locally and spend some time with our good friends on Sunday - Gil & Lexi.

We had heard that one could find Sea Horses at Window Rock between San Carlos and Guaymas so we headed there one day with friends from Tamara (Dave & Marili) but no sea horses were to be found that day, however, there were many, many shells making Cindy very happy. Although, Gary took off to check the anchor and circle the island while everyone else was getting ready and upon being asked by Cindy stated there was nothing interesting to see. After having our normal grilled ham & cheese tortilla wrap we sailed most of the way back to the marina.

We have been playing a new game with cards (3 decks with 12 jokers) called pegs & jokers for the past 4-5 months and played more with Dave, Marili, Gil & Lexi. The guys were on a streak for many months but it came to a very abrupt end this past week.

We left the marina on Thursday October 1st and once outside the bay waffled on the decision to head 10 nm north to an anchorage we have been before San Pedro or cross the sea to Santa Rosalia. There was a very short weather window so it was crossing that day or waiting a week. Ultimately we crossed sailing 72 of of the 75 nm. We did encounter some rough seas of 4-5 foot swells striking us on the starboard beam at 4 second intervals that coupled with some 25-30 knot winds we made better time than expected hence arriving at Sweet Pea Cove at 4:30 AM Friday morning. Since we had been at the anchorage many times before we had no problems. We lounged all day on Friday catching up on missed sleep and waiting for more information about Olaf. When we heard that Olaf was going to follow the path of Jimena we decided to head to Santa Rosalia marina first thing Saturday morning to ensure we had a secure anchorage. As it turned out Olaf went ashore near Cabo San Lucas crossing to La Paz so had minimal effect on us.

We have spent the last two days doing many boat projects including cleaning, rewiring the water maker, taking the water maker apart to clean thoroughly, replacing wiring that had fried in the panel, etc.

We will be leaving the marina in the morning to start enjoying more island time. The weather temps are cooling as is the sea. We plan to take our time traveling south to La Paz enjoying this part of Mexico for the last time.

We are building a new website and plan to post one more entry to this one before moving exclusively to www.svdistantshores.blogspot.com. We have the basic frame in place now in the event you want to visit it. There will be no automatic email notification from this new site unless you write to us at ggladd@gmail.com and specifically request.

Thank you for being a part of our adventure.

Gary & Cindy

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