Michelle and Charlie's Around the World Trip 2004-2005 travel blog

view from our hotel

little islands around phuket

little boat near little island around phuket

one of the very few reminders of the tsunami


huge, empty dive boat- this is all of us crowding one corner...


Phuket island is a famous destination for tourist all over the world. Pretty beaches.... However the tsunami washed the tourists away. Not so much literarily, since this part of the region sustained limited impact by the wave, but a huge one by that the medias presented it as a "if you dare to come here, all you find is dead bodies among the ruins". Completely false, but is did magic- the tourists have all but disappeared. Where at this time of the year previously 80% of rooms would be occupied, now maybe 10%....

We came here because one single thing. We never planned on coming here, but when we picked up my (most nationalities don't need a visa to Thailand, but I am on a Hungarian passport)Thai visa in Sydney, they had a vary compelling DVD playing at the consulate asking tourists to consider a trip to Phuket. It was done very well and add to it the beautiful attitude of the staff of the consulate, we were determined to spend some money in Phuket. For what we did, you have to read the next entry:

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