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We left Chesapeake City at dawn to take advantage of the low...

Entering Herring Bay anchor, we are greeted with this. "Hey, watch those...

Cousins David, Sue, Brian. Sue is in middle. Acutally the guys are...

Samurai that David bought in Japan. It is 100's of years old...

Home on the Potomac River

We left Chesapeake City on 9/30 planning traveling for only 3 hrs since there were still small craft warnings on the Chesapeake Bay. The first 3 hrs are in relatively narrow channels, so we were protected from the winds. As we got to the beginning of the bay, we found the waters tolerable, so we decided to go another hr to where there was an anchor in a tiny basin. However, this hr was fine, so all day long we kept on going hour to hour until we ran out of day, anchoring at Herring Bay, which is about 20 miles up the Potomac River. The forecast for the next two days was crummy,we had never been on the Potomac, and Sue has two cousins who live near Washington, DC, so we decided to take three days to go visit them. Traveling up the Potomac was fun. We thought we'd take 1-1/2 days to get to our final destination, but decided to do it in one day since the river was very kind to us. We were surprised to see how little development there is on the river. Most of the shore line is virgin, adding to our pleasure. As we get near the Navy base, over our radio comes a voice asking us to get as close to shore as possible. In fact, the Naval person on the radio gave us specific way points and buoy information to ensure that we "stay out of harm's way", as we soon learned meant that they were conducting firing excercises. About 2/3rd thru the passage they told us to take, we hear "boom, boom!" and then see the water's splashing from their firing about a mile off our port. It would have scared the "you-know-what" out of us if we did not know what was going on. The Navy had a few watch boats out to ensure that no other boats got in the way. We saw only 2 other boats during this time that had to follw in our tracks.

After 9 hrs of traveling, we traveled up the historic Occoquan River to the Fairfax Yacht Club. They were gracious to let us stay here thru a reciprocal agreement with a club we are members of - welcomed us with open arms, telling us we are their second visitor of the year. They had a pig roast and invited us to join them. Sue's cousin Dave and his lovely bride live near here, so they picked us up and we spent two nights at their new home. Our first time spending the night on shore since April. We asked them to tie some extra ropes to their home, as it was rocking all night - LOL. Sue's cousin has been living overseas for 20-something years and they were transferred back home recently. The visit has been great. We had gotten to visit them in Germany last summer. Last night they took us to a little place in Occoquan where we learned the town dates to the early 1700's making it one of the oldest settlements in the US. It was incorporated before we became an country. The second day at the Rompre home brought hanging out time as the cousins got to visit much. It was such a great visit. David and Leesa make one feel right at home. David and John went back to the boat to do a couple of chores and pick up a few items that we forgot while Sue and Leesa provisioned for the boat. What a great thing to be driven around to pick up much needed things, many that have been on "the list" for a couple of weeks. Another of Sue's cousins, Brian, and his family who live near here came by for an afternoon of more reunions. Sue and Brian figured out that they have not seen each other in over 26 yrs. Brian claims he has not changed a bit - LOL. Sue quickly agreed with him, if he agreed that Sue has not changed either. We all had great laughs, John and Leesa learned much more about the cousin's family politics (what ever happened to old uncle what's-his-name? Is he still lying and cheatin' as always?" - LOL). Seriously, John thinks Sue's family is great with maybe the least amount of disfunctionality he has ever seen in a family. After a nice prayer, we chowed down on a feast prepared by David and Leesa. David brought us back to the boat while Leesa had the daunting task of cleaning us after us. We left the place in a mess - dishes, dirty bed sheets... We hit the hay early so we can try to make a long day of it tomorrow.

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