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The bridge that leads to the wee island in the distance.

Very vigalent life guard!

Lighthouse- one of many.

Good to see lots of wind power!

Red cliffs, red sand, red looking water.

Red mud, red puddle, red muddy van.

Lighthouse- this ones claim to fame is that it was first to...

The longest bridge in the world over freezing water spans the 13 km gap between New Brunswick and Canada’s smallest province- Prince Edward Island. This small chunk of flat red rock looks the picture of rural England with country roads crisscrossing potato farms and other agriculture. I have no idea what the locals spend their time doing (apart from eating seafood and potatoes) they must have the lowest blood pressure ever- it was a very relaxed island.

We spent our time visiting the many beaches and lighthouses on this island. One evening on a beach and we were surprised by the thousands of Canadian Geese migrating south. The local food was wonderful- even Steve enjoyed the seafood (and of course the odd potato)! This was the first spot (but not the last) in the Maritimes where we noticed that things flow to a different beat, maybe a more relaxed beat; this is an island that forces you to unwind.

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