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Dodging showers at Pearce.

A big chunk of rock.

The Hopewell Rocks. They say they look like flower pots...

More flower pots.

Finally a person to give an idea of scale!

From Quebec City, we drove around the Gaspe Peninsula of Quebec, with the highlight of this rainy drive being the big rock at Pearce (see photos).

From here it was down through New Brunswick to the city of Moncton where we experienced the main tourist attraction- the ‘Magnetic Hill’ where cars accelerate uphill in neutral (it just looks like a puddly piece of road but is neat to see in real life). The other cool thing we saw in New Brunswick was the Bay of Fundy where the highest tides in the world (10-15 m) are visible. They are so high because of the funnel shape of the bay and no, not because of the magic magnetic hill previously mentioned. Haha. We hiked down onto the ‘ocean floor’ at the Hopewell Rocks at low tide and wondered at the high tide line four stories above our heads.

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