Us at Northwest Trek entry

L to R, Donna, Rebecca and Melissa

L to R, Foster's, Triden's & us

Tim and Donna

Big Elk

Golden Eagle

Bald Eagles



Spotted owl discussion

Spotted owl discussion

view of Mt Rainier while approaching Northwest Trek






Red Fox


cute kitties

view out our window

our setup

Our new pet squirrel

our new pet squirrel

birds out back

can you see the hummingbird

Donna, Rebecca, Linda

Donna, Rebecca, Linda

Tim, Maury, Dave

Chef Dave and 2 helpers

Tim installs the white box

This box will hold the boat seats and other items.

it looks better than the big boat lying crossways.

The boat box will hold the boat

the front will open to allow access.

boat box installed under the RV

boat box opens like this...

The TV install, stereo out

out with the old

TV is on a plywood hinged so it lifts up

to reveal a storage area

Now we have 32 inches of LCD TV fun and surround sound...

Finally, after a long recuperative and frustrating summer we're out of Washington and heading slowly South.

Dave's back is doing so much better now, though with some nightly pain while sleeping he can "pickup his end of the stick", so to speak. He's been left with constant, low grade pain in his lower back. He doesn't complain much, and is looking forward to being even more able to RV! ! ! So much for the update report.

You'll see a few pictures of six of us, The Foster's, The Triden's and us at Northwest Trek. Rebecca and I went there in July, but wanted to go back. Tim and Donna found out that if you go to Point Defiance Zoo first, those tickets allow you to enter Northwest Trek 2 for 1 ! Away we went and invited the Foster's (Dave & Melissa) along. All of us had alot of fun, specially since, school is/was in session, the place was not crowded.

This move from Chehalis, WA to Eugene, OR was easy, turn left at I-5 heading south and presto, Eugene in 4 hours! Our purpose for coming here is to see Rebecca's brother and sister-in-law. Remember Linda, whom we came to Eugene last Dec, to help care for while she unwent cancer care? Her progress has been steady, she looks terrific, her hair is coming soooo smooth! We spent several days visiting with them, did some shopping for a TV. Rebecca's younger brother Tim with whom we've traveled made two storage boxes for our stuff. One is to carry the boat under the trailer, the other to carry boat stuff, ladder and tripod. He did a fantastic job on them and installed them for us. Next he helped install the new TV in our cabinet. Dave did the wiring, Tim did the TV install on the new wood panel. Dave had to move the stereo and Sirius to their new location and rewire everything. It sure looks wonderful, the big screen is fantastic.

We had barbequed at Maury and Linda's acouple times and all six of us gathered for dinner, Dave BBQ'd the "beef kobobs". It is always fun when family's get together.

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