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I-80 from overpass


Henderson grain storage

Henderson market

Downtown Henderson

Henderson track house

Nebraska sunset over the corn field

Friday, October 2, 2009 – Des Moines West, Iowa to Henderson, Nebraska

Mother Nature, not being content to continue to rain on us, adds wind, lots of wind (30-50 MPH winds). I have much experience watching rain on the windshield and discovered the direction the rain drop flows depends on where the drop hits the windshield. Drops hitting the center flow upward; the further toward the edges the drop hits the steeper the angle of flow until near the edges drops flow outward in a straight line. I was able to come to the above conclusion because Scott makes scant use of wipers unless it’s pouring rain.

I had an epiphany the other day; I (finally) realized the number on interstate mile markers correspond to the interstate off ramp numbers (and the numbers on the maps!) Brilliant if I had deduced this at age 7 or 8; however, better late than never!

The heartland has great names, we traveled through Potawattamie County (fun to say, likely less fun to write). Potawattamie, Potawattamie…I think being cooped up in the truck in the rain is getting to me. We also liked the name Altoona…let’s hear it for Altoona, Iowa.

Today we are in Nebraska, the home of Arbor Day. We made a couple of stops today, to purchase diesel fuel and a map of the state of Kansas at a truck stop and into Henderson, (population 1,000) where one avocado costs $2.69! I told Scott the price was too high and he asked me if I really thought the price would be less in Kansas. I bought the largest avocado.

During today’s drive we received a phone call from Bill, my sister Wendy’s husband, suggesting we bypass cold, wet (and perhaps snowy) Colorado and travel to a warmer and sunnier area around Moab, Utah (visit Arches and the other National Parks) and Monument Valley before meeting them at Lake Powell. Good idea, we look forward to our new itinerary!

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