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I was still in the horizontal position with my eyes closed at 7:25 this morning, when the phone rang. It was Jennifer calling. The time was 6:25 back in Missouri, and she was on her way to work. We spoke for a bit and then I let her talk to Marilyn who was awake by this time.

After talking with Jennifer we dressed and sat in our recliners waiting for the coffee to finish up. I began reading the blogs of our friends to Marilyn. Thanks to Jesse & Ginger, we had Wi-Fi from right next door.

Marilyn brought me a cup of coffee and we sat together enjoying the lazy, relaxed morning.

I was expecting a call from Lippert about the landing gear but, in the end, I had to call them. Don promised to get back to me within the next two hours. He took a bit more time than promised but his resolution of the issue is very satisfactory to me.

They will send a technician with the new part to our campground in Hannibal, to replace the pitted landing gear.

So, the result of all that is that we will be starting back to Missouri tomorrow. We have no idea where we will stay on Saturday night but it will be somewhere between here and there. LOL

A little after 12 noon, the four of us loaded up and drove through Shipshewana and then turned west on Hwy 20. About 7 miles farther we arrived at the “Essenhaus” which turned out to be a fine place to eat.

We enjoyed the chicken and noodles with mashed potatoes and bread dressing, followed by more pie for dessert. Oops, Jesse ordered a hot roast beef sandwich with potatoes and gravy, while the rest of us had the chicken and noodles.

After a nice meal, we wandered around for a bit, through the shops, etc. Not finding anything that we just could not live without, we then loaded up again to drive back to Shipshewana to visit the “Menno-Hof”, which is the Amish-Mennonite Visitor’s Center. There we took a tour and learned the story behind these people and their life today.

It was all very interesting.

We had several more stops to make before returning home. We shopped for pop corn at the Co-Op and then picked up a few needed produce items next door at a produce market.

One more stop to fill the truck with fuel at 2.749 per gallon. Wow! It will be good to get back to the lower prices in Missouri.

So, we will relax this evening and have some popcorn for dinner. We hope to get on the road at a decent time tomorrow.

We will be traveling with Jesse & Ginger in a small caravan, so it will be fun.

Who knows what adventures tomorrow might have in store…..

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