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We had lunch here at this tiny rest area; the rain has...

It rained almost steadily overnight; every time we awoke, the raindrops were pounding on the roof. It was still raining when Joe got up and he and Foxy went for an abbreviated walk. Foxy went back to bed and Joe brought my coffee to get me conscious and lucid. Luckily, Joe had done quite a bit of our pre-departure prep work last night so he didn’t get too soaked as we broke down to move on.

We are moving about 150 miles northwest to Colchester, which is a little north of Burlington. If the Jeep wasn’t filthy before, today’s drive took care of that; we’ll need a car wash. We had to make another donation to Flying J today to top up with diesel ($2.64 /gallon) in Springfield, VT. Then we stopped at a rest area and had lunch. The rain had finally stopped and the foliage on the hillside was emerging from the cloud, fog, and mist. I took a picture of us parked in the tiny rest area…room for two big rigs and a few cars….space is at a premium here in New England.

From there, it was an easy drive to Colchester and our home for the next four nights at Lone Pine Campground. The sites are very spacious which gave us room to maneuver and catch a satellite signal among all these tall trees. Actually, we had to move to the next site, but Joe was successful and we’re connected to the world. From here, we’ll probably go to Lake George, if we can get reservations…Columbus Day weekend is a busy time in the northeast…last fling before all the RV parks close down for the season.

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