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Hey everyone! Sorry it’s been so long since my last blog, life just happens and things just get away from you. But now i’m writing so we’re all good :)

So two weekends ago Miranda and I adventured down to Galway for the weekend. Galway is another college town right on the coast close to where i was the week before in Doolin. We took the bus there around noon (it’s about a two and a half hour bus ride) and when we got there we checked into the closest hostel. We left our bags in our 12 bed coed dorm room and headed out to explore the city.

Galway has a bustling center street with lots of fun shops and touristy sights. There were even some people swing dancing in the streets (I'm not entirely sure why but they looked like they were having fun). After walking up and down the street and running into some other American friends from UL (another group of our friends had gone down the night before and the International Society club thing took a group to Galway and then the Cliffs of Moher and since we’d already been to the Cliffs we wanted to do our own thing) Miranda and I pulled out our sandwiches we packed (go cheap college kids! lol) and sat in the main street for a while and just checked the scene and people watched for a while. Then we got up and walked along this pier-type-thing to some big rocks around an gated in what we later discovered to be a water treatment plant, but the rocks were huge and fun to climb around on (and psh who really cares about no trespassing anyway right? lol).

Then after wandering around and looking at all the restaurants in town, we settled for the cheapest (once again woo poor college kids). Once we were full it was on to explore the famous night life of Galway. After our first pints of Guinness in a traditional Irish pub called Tig Coiloi with tradition live Irish music (a kind of vice of ours.... we’re sort of obsessed) we headed back to the hostel to get ready for the real night out.

By the time we headed back to the main stretch, the pubs were starting to fill up. We went to the King’s Head Pub (named after the man who originally chopped off King Chrales I’s head in 1649 and was sent as far away from London as an English man could get at the time, Galway) and it was actually full of Americans from UL, so we didn’t stick around there for long.

Next we moved to the pub next door (I’m not sure what it was called) and these two guys, who i’m pretty sure were just being nice because they were a good deal older than us, came up to us and asked if we were Canadian. (Slightly inebriated at this point) Miranda was thrilled to not be called an American for once (she gets so much crap around the house for being Canadian. Nico and Sean constantly tease her, lovingly of course, but it was funny to see the tables turned for once). When I said I was American they started giving me a hard time, saying stuff like, “oh it’s ok. it’s not your fault” and just giving me crap. They got us drinks (Guinness of course and something called a baby Guinness which is delicious. It’s a shot with Bailey’s and something else that’s chocolaty... delicious), and then one of the guys accidentally spilled his entire pint on me. Of course he apologized profusely and got us another round of Baby Guinness, they were my only jeans... oh well it was pretty hilarious (although the other guy did point out that “notice how he missed the Canadian”... very funny haha) but really it was all a good time. :)

Then they headed off to a club, and we headed to McDonald’s. We kind of made complete fools of ourselves (kept going back for more and more food haha yay cheap McD’s! lol) Then we headed back to our hostel for the night.... and that was an experience... There was someone with extreme BO and someone who was snoring ridiculously loudly. I was about to punch him in the face but that would have required getting out of bed lol.

So the next day is when it really starts to get interesting. Miranda and I met up with some other American friends, Emily (from last weekend in Doolin) and Hilary. We bought ferry tickets to the Aran Islands, the Island of Inishmore, the biggest of the three, to be exact :) After an hour bus ride and an hour ferry ride, we got to the island. There was more typical Irish weather, cloudy and cold. We planned to rent bikes and ride around the island, but we had to catch the ferry back to get the bus back to Galway to get the bus back to Limerick at 5 so we didn’t really have time, and for the same price we could get a bus tour.

One of the bus tour guys convinced us that that was the way to go and we pilled in the oversized van. The guide was the sweetest guy ever. He must have been in his late seventies and had his young grandson, Jaime, who must have been around 8, in the bus with us. We were joined by a Spanish woman (I was surprised by how many Spanish tourists were in the area. I haven’t heard that much Spanish since i left Spain) and another couple and we set off on the tour. I’m really glad we ended up taking a tour because the guy told us so many interesting facts about the Island that we never would have otherwise known from a local’s perspective (i put a lot of the facts up as captions on my pictures on facebook, i won’t take the space and time to write them all here... because i could and you’d never get through this). We stopped at a cool old grave yard (where Jaime took us on the “express tour”, which involved running through the grave yard to a broken down building thing that “no one but me has ever seen”... so cute!) and eventually made it to the highlight of the island, Dun Aengus, a 3,000 year old fort on breath taking cliffs. Part of what’s so cool about it is that it’s strategically brilliant, protected with walls from behind, up on a hill, overlooking 2 thousand foot cliffs.... but it’s facing Ireland, and no one know what it was built to protect against.

We were given half an hour to check it out and once we got to the fort you could walk up to the edge unrestricted. It was really cool because if you lay down and looked over the edge, a huge wind came straight up at your face (once again pics on fbook lol) but it was incredible. And these cliffs were right across from the cliffs of Moher, so we were on what we saw across the way last weekend and seeing where we just were.

So after that we finished the tour and caught our ferry, our bus, and our other bus home. The weekend wasn’t quite as epic as our Doolin weekend, but we still had a lot of fun and got to see a lot of more of the amazing country we’re staying in.

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