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Nostalgia - Devon on deck in Glacier Bay. We will miss Alaska.

More nostalgia - Brown mamma and cubs in Tracy Arm Cove, Alaska

Nostalgia again - Floating icebergs in the fjords nearing glaciers.

Crescent Lake Lodge; Jim, Don, Lisa and Mike

Tucker and Jim. Isn't he sweet? I mean the dog. Okay, Jim...

Last provisioning stop in Canada at the Port of Sidney. Lovely flower...

So, it is done....our trip to the great Pacific Northwest. After 11 months here we feel motivated to keep moving. We have vacillated back and forth and back and forth, deciding more than once to stay. In the end, we will go. Why such a tough decision? There is no wrong decision. The thought of another winter on the boat with high humidity and condensation was the determining factor for Mike.

We have so many fond memories of our time here such as; spending time with great friends we met here on the s/v Cambria, Mutineer V,NOETA and Ponderosa, having people join us aboard this season like our son Devon, friend Bruce and John & Cathy, seeing the fjords in Fjordland and Princess Louisa inlet, waterfalls, rapids, huge tidal changes,black and brown bears, eagles, glaciers, glacier bay, fishing towns like Petersburg, learning to knit with Stephanie, Auke Bay (Juneau) and Sitka, hiking to mountain tops, 20 hrs of daylight, trapping crabs, catching salmon, EATING lots and lots of salmon, catching halibut, icebergs, swimming in fresh water lakes, warm friendly people (especially Canadians) and thousands of inlets, islets and islands with cool little towns and shopping. Basically, we love it here and just may call it home someday. But for now, we've got the bug to travel....on a boat. Someday we will return to land (which is why we still own a house).

Enough nostalgia from the last season. Our next to last day Washington was spent in Port Angeles, WA with Jim and Don from s/v Dreamweaver who now live on land here. We met them when they lived aboard their boat in Ventura. After their travels to Mexico, they moved back on land and built a beautiful home in Port Angeles. They took time to pick us up and take us to a beautiful lodge on Crescent Lake and to lunch at the summer lodge there. Later we got to meet Tucker, their sweet new pug puppy, and take a peek at what they have been up to since we saw them 11 months ago. Well, they now live in a really beautiful home on some acreage and they are just as happy as clams so to speak. They even took us to the grocery store and and a spot to fill our propane tank. We had a wonderful day.

Thanks to my Verizon card I am writing this blog as we head to Neah Bay, 8 hrs west where we will wait overnight. If the wind and the seas lay down just a little, we will make a break around the coast and head to Oregon Friday morning. Our first run will be a 35 hr. non-stop overnight run. Honestly, I have dreaded repeating this southward trek down the coast but we will be watchful, careful, safe and cautious. If all goes as planned we hope to be back in Ventura in about 1 month.

From there, the debate rages on. After Mexico do we go west or east? Hmmmm......

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Cheers!

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