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We awoke after a restful night of sleep on our new mattress. In fact I slept so soundly that I hardly moved and was stiff and sore this morning.

We did our morning chores, dressed and headed into town for breakfast.

We enjoyed numerous cups of coffee and a good meal before driving up to Grandview RV Park. I parked next to their Wi-Fi Hotspot and logged on so that I could post the journal entries for the past two days.

Once I had completed that little chore, we read a few e-mails and then noticed that it was time to head to the Doubletree Factory for the “Owner’s Tour”.

Jesse & Ginger were just ahead of us and we all walked in together.

A nice young man named Kyle conducted the tour and we enjoyed it very much. We saw the unit just ahead of our friends’ unit, which will come in for the PDI inspection today. (That is Pre-Delivery Inspection)

Carl & Linda have a unit similar to the one we saw today but we did not get a look at the one Carl & Linda have ordered. Kyle said they should have theirs in two weeks.

After the tour, we drove back to Cross RV to check on our rig. The Washer & Dryer are ready to push back into their compartment and the guys are mounting the DVR in a cabinet above the dresser in the bedroom.

We are supposed to be at Lippert tomorrow morning, as near to 8:00 as we can make it. They will replace the front axle on our rig and also replace the hydraulic components which are an issue.

We are hopeful that by tomorrow evening we will be set up back at Grandview RV Park with Jesse & Ginger nearby.

So, that is an up to date report on the repair and installation work being done to our rig.

We are ready for some rest!

Now we must wait to see what adventures tomorrow has in store…..

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