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How far does this road go!

Sometimes the wind blew so hard, Jim was afraid to look. Or...

If you're afraid of clowns, you wouldn't want to stay here!

Our campsite at Amargosa Valley RV Park.


After a windy night we awoke to one of those beautiful high desert mornings with the sunshine being interrupted occasionally by puffy white clouds! Best of all the wind wasn’t blowing. After breakfast we reviewed our itinerary, but after reviewing the time and mileage on the northern route along the Extraterrestrial Highway, we decided to stick to Highway 95 and go around Las Vegas.

Again the day went smoothly with little to no traffic on the roads. The problem with central Nevada is finding a good campground in the middle of nowhere. After passing up several ‘iffy’ campgrounds we pulled into the Amargosa Valley RV Park. It is right off Highway 95 and looked fairly clean. Pulling up to the office we noticed a sign saying ‘CLOSED’. Then out of an old trailer parked by the entrance an old lady stepped out and walked toward our motor home. It was then we saw the hand-written sign on the trailer’s door saying ‘OFFICE’. Sandy invited her into our rig to get out of the wind.

We found out that the original owner of the park had walked away and let it go. She and her husband were running it as best they could for right now and it would be $22.00 for the night. Since we didn’t want to drive any further we paid the money and parked in a camping spot. Out of about 142 sites a couple of dozen were occupied. We soon discovered the restrooms were closed along with the store and the laundry room. As the day turned to evening we realized most of the other ‘campers’ are workers from local construction projects. Hey! We’re on an adventure!

We did get to see one interesting example of how to repair a trailer jack. Across from our site the trailer had moved on its jacks during the wind, twisting and bending both units on the back. Since the owner couldn’t screw either on up or down he used what materials and equipment on hand. For one side he stacked blocks and placed the final piece using the jack handle as a hammer. The other side was a bit trickier, so borrowed his neighbor and a quad-runner to run into the jack and ramming it back into position. A couple of more banks with the quad on the blocks and it was as good as new! Neccesity is the mother of invention!

Tomorrow we head for Mesquite to visit friends. How long will we hang out there? Stay tuned to see what comes next.

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