Trekking with Daisy 2009-10 travel blog

To Las Vegas, Nevada

This morning I was on the road by 9:00. The day started off normal but it certainly didn’t end that way! All was well until I was just a few miles from the RV park in Las Vegas when my rig started shaking. I pulled into a shopping center lot and checked my tires but they appeared to be alright. I decided to drive on to the RV park. When I was within a couple of miles from the park, I noticed that my brakes weren’t doing their job so well. I was beginning to be concerned. By the time I got to the RV park and started to go to my site, I had no brakes at all! Yikes! I had to use the emergency brake to get stopped. At least I was in a safe place. I’m just thankful that it didn’t happen on the street because I surely would have run into someone. That would not have been a pretty sight.

I called my Good Sam Emergency Road Service and they arranged for a technician (Mario) to come to the RV park. He drove Daisy very slowly to my site, using the emergency brake as needed, so he could analyze the situation. He said that I need to have the master cylinder and hydro booster replaced. He will have to find the parts tomorrow and return to finish the job. At least I can stay in my rig. He was very good at explaining what the problem is, what may have caused it and what to do to prevent it in the future. He said that I should drive at least ten miles every month to get the engine hot, the fluids circulating and the brakes exercised.

While I was waiting for Mario to arrive, I had a nice visit with Ken and Debbie, full-timers from Kansas City. My rig was parked on the street beside their site. They had to have their roof air conditioner replaced today by a mobile RV tech. They gave me one of his business cards. We swapped travel mishap and other stories, some of which were very similar. They have a weird cat that insists on having her teeth flossed every time they floss theirs! She can hear them open the package even when she is another room.

I plan to stay here for a week because there isn’t much to do between here and the Grand Canyon. Besides, the price is certainly right. This is the least I’ve paid for a camp site in a long time.

Las Vegas was founded in 1905. A land auction was held at what is now the corner of Fremont and Main Streets. The price for prime Fremont Street frontage for the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino (originally called Hotel Nevada) was $1,750. Fremont Street was first paved in 1925. In 1935 President Franklin D. Roosevelt dedicated Boulder Dam with a motorcade on this street.


Route: CA 58 E to Barstow => I-15 N to Las Vegas => Flamingo Road E => Boulder Highway S

Total Miles Driven: 299

Weather Conditions: Hot and dry

Road Conditions: Good. 4-lane divided most of the way to Nevada, where it became 6-lane divided

Gasoline Price: $3.099 at Tehachapi, CA and $2.739 at Las Vegas, NV

RV Park: Sam’s Town Boulder RV Park, Las Vegas (

Park Conditions: Very nice. Good security. Special September promotion $18.56/night. Expensive WiFi $5.99/day or $19.99/week.

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