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Hiro on South Beach Miami

Enjoying a Mojito with Cuban Rum

Art Deco Hotel

Ok, to tell you the truth, Miami, known for its South Beach party culture, was rather disappointing. We only stayed for 3 nights but more for the purpose of transit to Mexico, so maybe we needed to stay longer to experience real life in Miami.

South beach was long and beautiful, with lots of young people and families having great time. Due to its location you can see Cuban culture in this beach city with its famous Art Deco architectures. We enjoyed Mojito at one of thousands bars along the beach. However it wasn’t the cool atmosphere that I expected from one of the most famous beach cities in the world, it was more like a country-side old beach town with try-hard party people. Shops, restaurants and bars weren’t attractive either they were all similar with loud techno music trying to get as many tourists in. The good thing was, though, its cultural diversity. Here in Miami, Spanish is the first language, and English was surprisingly not understood on many occasions.

Public transportation in Miami was again a disaster. We stayed in a town called Coral Gables, just outside downtown Miami. It was only 10km to downtown, but it took us 2 buses, total 1 hour to get there. The bus stop doesn’t even have a time table, so we had to wait a long time not knowing when it comes. We had to change the bus to get to South Beach, but no one knows (even bus driver) where the bus stop is. It was just really hard for us tourists to get around. When we asked at our hotel how to get into downtown with public transport they asked us with strange look on their faces why we don’t just use a taxi. Well we can’t afford it thank you very much.

Anyway we had good practice using Spanish here before getting to our next destination, Mexico. We are very excited!! Adios!

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