Desert Storm 2009 travel blog

Mike's stone toss at Canyonland's

wating for Bon Jovi

Red Rocks Ampitheatre

On stage

Olympic hopefuls

last beer_yeah, right

I got the whole world...

Welcome to Golden, home of Coors

is this anyway to greet visitors?

Mark and Kathy go away


16th street in Denver

at the Air Force Academy

Waiting for Phelps

After dropping us off at the airport R&K drove over to Red Rocks to check out the music scene. Since there was no concert Friday night they had a chance to 'run the stairs' and get in some really good exercise - they had that chance but didn't take it. Instead they sat around and watched others run the stairs and just enjoyed the alone time with some beer, cheese and crackers.

Saturday morning they decided to tour the city and walked the length of 16th street, pausing as is their custom, to partake in a local brew.

I put all of their photos Russ just sent me in this set, and stuck a few where they belonged just to round things out.

I think all of us agree that this was a wonderful trip!

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