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Peles Castle in Sinaia, Romania

Lidia as Monastary Accolate in Sinaia

Brasov, Romania Hunting Zone; specially for Mark

Brasov Plaza from Mt. Tampa

Vampire moment at Bran Castle; 'home' of Dracula

Oktoberfest band in Rasnov

Spent five days in Brasov touring it and the surrounding area towns/castles.

Brasov is a very alive medium size city; ~ 280,000 population. It lies in a valley with mountains around. Large central plaza and numerous pedestrian cobblestone streets lined with cafes & shops.

While in Brasov, we took day trips to Bran Castle, infamous as that of Dracula, who was created by Bram Stoker based on the real life Prince Vlad the Impaler.

Went to estate/palace of King Karl I, first king of independant Romania; around 1890's.

Also visited 13th century castle ruins in Rasov.

As we were having lunch at an outdoor cafe in Sinaia Lidia spots the aussie couple Thel & John whom we'd met on the train from Hungary to Brasov, Romania. Small world, and they were on their way to Brasov ! Ended up spending time with them touring around for the next couple days.

Saw an excellent Opera, Barber of Seville, one evening in a small venue for $8 each !

Also went to the local Oktober Fest ( Held in September?)and tried a rolled dough Kolache (hollow thin walled tube ~ 5" diameter x 12" long) cooked over charcoals and coated with your choice of sugar, crushed walnuts, cinnamon, or a couple other choices. Deeeelicious.

Took a train to go to Augustine where we were to stay at a rural estate for a couple days. Guess who's also on the train ? Thel & John who are heading to Sighisoara !

Arrived at Augustine station but could not get off train as the boarding passengers clogged the narrow aisleway ! We ended up staying on train to Sighisoara.

Lidia's Entry: I believe Allen was pleased (deep down) to miss the Agustine station as he had complained about the excessive cost of Count Tibor Kalnoky's palace. :)

Opera night: John commented that the Opera house was the place where the beautiful people of Brasov got togheter. It seemed that way. The people looked very attractive and dressed in classic clothes. About one third of the audience were children. The children were also dressed in classic clothes like my mom used to make for my sister Judith and me-down to the matching coats! No shorts, jeans or tennis shoes. The experience transported me back in time to my childhood.

Something new to us what the fact that people take photos (with flash) during the performance. They also applaud in unison Russian style.

People in Romania, are very pleasant and content. Brasov's people and the city's atmospheare was so pleasant that we stayed there 6 days!

Internet cafe here in Sighetu can not handle memory stick so we'll have to add photos at a later date.

Ciao for now Lidia and Allen

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