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Indian petroglyphs on some cayon walls many, many years old

Another balancing rock we found on our 4WD in the middle of...

Mr. I KNOW WHERE WE ARE checking his map with the sign...

Now you know why they call it Canyonlands....unbelievable!!!

The jeep ride was WAY MORE than what we bargined for...this picture...

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You won't believe your EYES!!!! This says it all....

We three started out today and David's first words were - "We're going where no man has gone before"....SURE.....as we were going up the road and passing a number of cars I thought this is another ride for hours with a David type "tour"....Well,,,,I think the video says it all....Years ago when we were on a trip with the boys and Frances we ended up on another "tour" through Yankee Boy Basin...it was pretty scary...However, that one was a "5"..the one we did today was a "10". It was beyond a bumpy road that I was told..it was pure rock crawling...I can't even come up with the words to describe this experience. Poor Cheyenne...she was totally green around the gills...A 10 mile trip took us --- no kidding ---- 3 hours!! But, what a pleasant surprise to end the evening. We did Canyonlands by Night Light and Sound show. We had a very good dinner first then went on a boat on the Colorado River. They put light on the canyon walls talking about history and formations of the canyons. It was done so well. It even brought tears to our eyes with some of the songs they did and giving thanks to God for the creation, mother nature for formations and man for discovering part of this wonderful country. We would highly recommend this to anyone coming to this area.

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