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Morning out of Ely

The range with Lehmans Cave


The VC

Topo map. Moe's finger is on Ely. Note the North-South ranges

Moe just fits in this cave



Automated gas station. The pumps and a rain shelter for a coke...

The last pass to get over


Fantastic layering in this mountain

A salt flat

The only basin with water that we ever saw

The Wasatch Mountains where we get off US 50

Friday 9/25 Woke up and looked at the temp on the internet – 37 F. Whoa! The sky was clear so the sun went to work quickly. It was 54 when we were ready to roll at 9:00. Much better. It was an hour ride to Great Basin NP and Lehman Cave NP [co-located at Baker, NV].

I took a photo of a super 3D map that showed the topography of the entire great basin area and the surrounding states. Nevada has a lot more mountain ranges than I thought. Then we rode the 6 miles up the mountain to the cave VC, got tickets, and went underground. This cave has the highest density of formations than any other cave in the US. This was a limestone cave but it was pretty tight compared to Luray in Virginia.

We gassed up in Baker [pop maybe 20]. The “gas station” was 2 pumps with modern credit card readers, three grades of gas, no building and no one around: an automated station. If it doesn’t read your card, you are out of luck! See pics.

A few miles later we are in Utah, still on US 50, but headed up a basin for 60 miles. Man, that was a dull piece of road. We did see a salt flat – it was huge and ran for miles. The pic doesn’t show half of it.

Tonight we are in Spanish Fork, UT, right at the base of the Wasatch Mountains. These mountains form the eastern boundary of the great basin. All the rain that falls to the west of this range never flows into the sea. It ends up in a salt lake or in a basin where it evaporates.

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