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I took this secretly so as not to get shouted at

We thought we'd add our own message

Hee hee!

Not a bad bit of papering if you ask me


Nooo problem

Errrr.... ok maybe a slight problem

Yep we’re still doing it!

And we still hate it!

Well tell a lie actually, now I’ve finished the woodwork I’m painting the lounge which is actually quite therapeutic but Steve has undone his 5 months of relaxing in one week by wallpapering.

He hates it with a passion; I’ve never heard such language as he tries to work round window sills, light fittings and doorways… it’s been torn off the wall and thrown in disgust at some points too!

Poor Steve.

I must admit though it looks good, he has completely repapered the lounge, as the paper we had hoped to save got more and more damaged by various other jobs and he has made a good start on the hall. We are really pleased with the stuff we chose too, it was in the sale and we were worried it was going to look rubbish.

Sooo all we have left to do is finish the papering in the areas where the new radiators are being fitted, get the plumber in to do this, finish the painting, buy and fit the new plug sockets and light fittings, fit the new blinds, hang our posh wallpaper either side of the fireplace, paint the doors and then get the carpet fitted…. all this then has to be repeated in the two bedrooms….. aaarrrgggghhhhhh!

We should be finished in time for our next sabbatical in 2019…


PS – we found time in-between paint and paper throwing to have our tattoos done at last!

We went to a place called Silver Needles II in Saafend, which had been recommended to us by Martyn.

We arrived for our 6pm appointment and Steve was first in the chair. ‘What a jessie’ I thought as he sat there and pulled a few faces during the painful bits…. until I sat down that was….. MAN IT HURT, I was sweating so much I nearly slipped off the chair, my palms were soaked... I never remember it being that painful!

Anyway, we are really pleased with the results. They serve as a great reminder of our trip… well Steve’s will be until he pies out and it disappears under a fold or two... hee hee!

Two more pics to add soon..

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