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One happy face

One not so happy face...

The walk to school

Amy's peg!


Amy and her friend Ellie working in the deli

Cabbage sandwiches, mmmmm my favourite!

That's better!

Aaarrghh a ghost!

It was Amy’s first day at school today! Steve and I went round stay at Vicky and Pat’s last night so we could be with her and Nathan on their first morning back.

They were both at a party when we arrived, Amy’s friend but Nathan went along too. They got home at around 5:30 and Amy walked through the door with a big grin… and a black eye, she’d had an argument with a pillar while playing ‘peek-a-boo’, poor love.

Once Nathan had finished his homework (doing homework on the night before going back to school, good lad!) we went for a quick bounce on the trampoline while Vicky cooked us all a curry.

As a starter Nathan had an idea that he wanted to cook me his famous Noodle Soup, something he had learned from Kung-Fu Panda. I was most impressed and even Amy ate it so it must be a winner!

After we’d eaten our fill and the children had their baths, it was time for bed. I read Amy a story (a short one, so we read it a few times…) and then climbed up into Nathan’s bed for a cuddle and another story.

They dropped off quickly after that and so did we once Vicky had polished shoes and sewn name tags into everything... bless.

In the morning Steve and I woke up to hear movement upstairs and we were soon joined by two tired faces on our bed.

A wash and breakfast later and they were both ready, Amy looked lovely in her new uniform (even with the black eye) and things were going smoothly until there was a bit of a falling out over a medal and now Vicky’s treasured pictures of Amy on the front step show a grown up girl with red eyes and a big frown… oh dear.

The school allows grow-ups to go to with them on the first day, so I did my first walk to school for about 14 years.

Nathan had to be in by 9 but was running a bit late after waiting for one of his friends, so we packed him off through the door not knowing where his new classroom was as all the others had already gone in. Luckily a teacher recognised him and said she’d make sure he got to the right place.

Amy started at 9:30 so we went into her new classroom and watched her do some puzzles and sticking, while sitting on chairs that are only big enough for one bum cheek…

After about half an hour of sitting with us, she teamed up with a girl called Ellie and they were soon making us plastic sandwiches outside in the play area. I don’t think Vicky will have any trouble with her not wanting to go to school.

School finished for Amy at 11, just in time for us to see Nathan in his new playground with the big kids. We stood at the fence and watched him for a while and then Vicky sent over one of his friends to get him (he was busy chatting with the girls..), he seemed really happy with his new class, especially as he wasn’t sitting next to a certain friend that everyone finds annoying… I wont mention any names.

We left him to play and went back to Vicky’s for lunch, where we managed to get some smiley step photos to replace our grumpy ones.

By the time we’d eaten and got home it was too late for any decorating, so we just vegged out for the evening.. straight back on it tomorrow though!


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