On our way to Tulum

Our Bungalow - Diamante K

View from our room - Diamante K

View form our Bungalow - Diamante K

Tulum Ruins

Tulum Ruins

Tulum Ruins

Swimming in Cenote Dos Ojos

Martin in Cenote Dos Ojos

The relaxing area overlooking the sea - Diamante K

Enjoying an Argentinian Parilla

Martin before digging into that big steak

Relaxing after breakfast

The Beach - Diamante K

At the beach

Martin aka Rambo

Looking cool...

Erwin, Nicola and Martin

Tuesday, 22nd of March;

After breakfast we took the bus to Tulum and checked in to Diamate K.

Our bungalow, made of wood with one window facing the sea, and only 10mts from the sea.

Wednesday, 23rd of March;

Had breakfast by the sea then relaxed by the beach all day long.

Took an afternoon stroll to the next hotel where we had a few cocktails then had dinner.

Thursday, 24th of March;

Went to the Tulum Ruins which we were disappointed of as it was full with tourists and looked like DisneyLand.

Took a taxi to Dos Ojos Cenote where we had a fantastic refreshing swim.

Then got a ride back into town by two Austrian girls.

We had lunch and at the end of the lunch Martin saw something strange in moving in my salad dressing... MAGOTS - YUCH!!! You can imagine how I was feeling.

So once back at the hotel I had two strong Margaritas followed by a few beers, that should do the job... kill the bugs I thought.

Friday, 25th of March;

Took it easy at the beach then went to Tulum to book a car.

Had dinner at an fantastic Argentinian Restaurant and ended up bumping into Nicola and Erwin who joined us for some wine and food.

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