Lexi and Hiro's Round The World Journey 2008-2009 travel blog

Tower Bridge

Thames River looking over to Big Ben

Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace

The most beautiful horses I have ever seen

Enjoying pub meal and english beer

Hiro at Harrods

Famous red telephone box

And famous red double decker bus

Cool bar in the bus

Piccadilly Circus

Fiona and I sampling the foods at Covent Garden

Coming from Cairo, we felt like being back home here in London. The UK is the 16th country on our itinerary and is actually the first country where English is the national first language. It felt kind of funny to be able to understand what people are talking about around us, or see English ads on a subway train. Anyway we were glad that we didn’t have to learn basic conversation phrases here.

We were very lucky to have a friend of ours from Port Douglas, now living in London, Fiona who accommodated us in her flat while we were in London. She also showed us around the city, cooked nice dinner etc, so we can’t thank her enough!!

London is a very cool city as we always imagined. Old and new are mixed together very well here in good harmony. For example the latest modern architecture and old cathedral standing next each other but they somehow looked well-matched. It is also very multi-cultural here, you see mixed races working and having fun together. You can find any type of international cuisine from anywhere in the world in London. Cool shops and restaurants are everywhere and London people seem very philosophical and individual. Hiro was also very happy to see that London punks still exist, even though there aren’t many of them left now(real ones, not the fashion fake ones). He spent hours in records shops as he does in every other city. On the other hand Lexi was happy to spend a good time shopping at Harrods, the famous department store in London, and also the huge Camden market where thousands of shops selling all sorts of funky stuff.

Who said food in the UK is no good? This myth has now been proven to be wrong! Hiro loved his fish & chips from an old English pub, and as mentioned before, all the international foods are available here. We enjoyed Indian dinner one night, and Malaysian dinner on another night. Lexi also enjoyed her first flat white coffee since she left Australia.

We visited Buckingham Palace, changing of the guards was impressive. London has got many beautiful parks in the city, we had a nap on the grass in the afternoon, and it was so nice and healed our tired legs from walking. We also visited Tate Modern Art Museum. We had enough of looking at old stuff in museums throughout Europe, so we decided to go this one amongst a hundred of museums in London. It was really good, very different though. Some exhibits are beautiful, some are aggressive, some are funny, some are rubbish or looked like kid’s drawings, and others are challenging. What we learnt here was that anything can be “art”. It is totally up to you how you see them. Oh by the way we walked across the London Bridge and it wasn’t falling down.

Now we are flying over the Atlantic Ocean to New York!! Good bye to Europe!

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