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Go Pens!

Old Montreal in the rain.

The great wall of Quebec City. Not quite able to be viewed...

Self proclaimed most photographed hotel in the world.

Old Quebec street.

I love the rain.

As we drove into the province of Quebec, navigation became slightly more challenging and it started to rain (hasn’t stopped yet). Our first stop was Montreal- the 2nd largest city in Canada. They say that there are two religions in Montreal: Catholicism and the Canadiens hockey team. The Catholic influence is extremely evident with silver-spired churches at every corner and honestly 90% of every street, town and landmark being named after some Saint of something or another.

The second religion we decided to partake in first hand- it just happened that the Canadiens were playing the Pittsburg Penguins in a pre-season match the first night we got there. The house was full and the atmosphere awesome- especially when the Habs brought home the victory 4-3!

Driving in Montreal was a challenge with French signs and seemingly half the road system under construction or closed. On the day we drove into downtown to look around the scenic ‘Old Montreal’, it was ‘no car day’ so random roads downtown were pyloned off. The people of Montreal were very bilingual and friendly- I often practiced the only real French that I know “Parlez-vous anglais?” and more often than not got a yes.

Quebec City is the provincial capital of Quebec and is the only walled city in North America. We walked around the old town and walls and took in the atmosphere. It was a really quaint old area that is meant to look a lot like Paris and we enjoyed looking around.

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