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Aussie Parliament House.

On the roof of the Parliament.

The debating chambers.

A surprise, 4 copies of the Magna Carta were made, and one...

Canberra is a slightly odd and surreal place as cities whose sole reason for existence is for the function of government always are. I arrived at midday on Saturday and as I pulled up the campervan close to the main shopping district and did a double take of a small sign which stated that the charging time for parking was between 8-6 weekdays and 6-12 on Saturdays which struck me as a bit odd initially, but then the penny dropped that this city revolves around the working time of those in government. I was next struck by how spread out this city is, it revolves around two centers, there's Capitol Hill where the huge round parliament building sits and which offers a surprisingly interesting tour where they have amongst other things one of the three original copies of the Magna Carta - now tell me did you know there were three copies of this famous document?? Apparently this was an astute purchase made in the 1950's and is of course now a huge sum indeed. The other axis on which this city revolves is the City Hill where the civic buildings and shopping center is. All a bit odd as I mentioned previously, this huge city surrounded by bushland.

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