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King's Landing

and more King's Landing

and one of the King's Landing team of oxen, who was curious...

One of the lovely old homes in Fredericton

Our favourite place in Shediac

Confederation Bridge - from the PEI end

One of the hundreds of churches, big and small, all denominations, all...

North Port lighthouse (one of many)

and another ...

and another ...

Cathedral in Fredericton

N.B. Legislature

Strange clouds over Moncton (this photo has NOT been enhanced)

We drove down the St. John River to a recreated United Empire Loyalist village called King's Landing (buildings moved in from nearby areas). Very interesting - sort of an easst coast Fort Steele. Even had lunch in their coaching inn. Also had some rain we had to duck for cover from - the first (and last) we had in a month of travels.

After that we drove on and spent a little while in Fredericton. The best part of these little Atlantic cities is that they are full of lovely old Victorian heritage homes, mostly very well preserved - particularily along the waterfronts and old downtown cores. Fredericton of course has the provincial legislature buildings, and several large churches. We then drove through Moncton (with a quick stop on Magnetic Hill, which DID work on the motorhome), and ended up finding a campsite at a little town named Shediac on the east coast.

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