Desert Storm 2009 travel blog

deer in front of our building

Russ has been eating too much


Kathy thought this was easy

the other side

coyote near the visitor center


coming out of a Kiva

Lunch in Durango




road to Ouray



mine on road to Ouray


road to Ouray

mine operation

road to Ouray

This is real - not a painting

Ouray gun shop






Today we left Mesa Verde – all very sad. This is a great park, not just for the ruins but for the scenery and wildlife as well.

Before leaving we had breakfast at the cafeteria – good option. The food is mostly cooked to order and everything was great. We then decided to explore the only two roads open to us that we hadn’t previously ventured down. The first was called the Far View Sites. It turns out that this is one of the most interesting areas of the park and requires no passes. It is completely self-guided and consists of a mile or so walking loop going past 5 different ruin sites. The best part of this is that 2 of the sites let you go inside and walk around the ruin. That was by far the coolest thing for me. The ruins are not nearly as spectacular as some of the cliff dwellings, but you can’t beat crawling around a ruin on your own.

You may notice that we say another coyote. What a place.

The road to Ouray was fantastic. It is hard to describe the views – just take a look for yourself.

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