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Sunrise at Tucker Bay on Lasqueti Island

Another piece of old equipment laying aside of the road. This is...

Just a lonely starfish at low tide.

Anchorage at Tucker Bay, Lasqueti Island

One of the homes just astern in Garden Bay, Pender Harbor. Love...

Entrance to Gunboat Bay, also in Pender Harbor

Mike has longed to see an upright bear. Guess this is it...

I have no idea.....

Astrid Sars & Company at the Sunshine Coast Resort. Her son wears...

View from the Sunshine Coast Resort deck

Company B Band at The Painted Boat Resort

David and Mike enjoying a B.C. amber. Love that hat!

The Ponderosa crew; Sherry and Bob

View from the Grasshopper Pub. Boat in lower right is Ponderosa, Blue...

David and Stephanie of Cambria

Awesome bass player. Venue is John Henry's Marina

Storm clearing just as we arrived in Garden Bay

Cloudy reflection

Beautiful yacht anchored nearby

Beautiful classic boats; 1927 m/v Teal and 1960 s/v Salubrious. Met more...

Towing the crew of Salubrious back from the pancake breakfast.

So we took a southward journey to Lasqueti Island and spent a couple of days in very windy and rainy conditions while waiting to move on. In the interim we took a trip to shore to stretch our legs and get a little exercise. We found an island with lots of beauty but very remote. We walked about 4 miles and found only a handful of houses, most near a fresh water lake, and saw only 2 people. Unfortunately, we didn’t realize what a mosquito problem the lake would be and left the hatches open a little too long in the early evening and was serenaded by buzzing and biting until they were all carefully put to rest, in peace of course!

We anxiously looked forward to seeing the Cambrians in Pender Harbor and spending the weekend at the 13th Annual Pender Harbor Jazz Festival. What a lovely setting with venues scattered all around the huge natural harbor. We were able to anchor right in the middle of Garden Bay, with lots of other “friends”. What makes this destination is the fact that we can dinghy to various docks around the huge bay and within a short walk we can enjoy another set of entertainers, pubs, etc. We attended 6 events in all. We heard traditional sultry jazz, gypsy jazz, big band, American standard type. Many were free, while others were ticketed events and we heard many great reviews of events we missed. Most of the events we attended were in restaurants/pubs or on stages at resorts. One evening we enjoyed some nice music with Stephanie and David at The Painted Boat Resort’s restaurant over an excellently prepared meal. It was a real treat as we have not had fine dining in awhile.

While in Pender Harbor we caught up with Bob and Sherry on Ponderosa who live on a beautiful 47’ Valiant yacht. They originally told us about the event a few weeks ago when we met them in Roscoe Bay and are we glad they did. So after touring their lovely home/yacht we all decided to go to the Grasshopper Pub with a nice bay view and take in our last performance of the festival. We are lucky to have time to share some laughs about our lifestyles with other like-minded folks. Quite often we learn something new.

This weekend was great fun and will remember it fondly and may just look forward to the Blues festival being held there next June……assuming we are still in the Pacific Northwest. We are within a week of making our final determination and will let you know as soon as we get off the fence on this matter.

Did I mention we will see both of our mothers on Friday in Victoria, B.C.? Interesting, huh?

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