Kappadocia Fruit Trees in Bloom

Blue Lizard in Ihlara Valley

Snake in Ihlara Valley

Todd will identify

Lizard in Ihlara Valley

Turtle in Kappadocia

Turtle in Kappadocia

More Bloomin' Trees - Kappadocia

Kappadocia - Orchards Among the ????

Frogs in Pond Near Artemus Temple - Ephesus

Some Kind of Bug

Pond Flowers - Ephesus

Artemus Temple - Where the Ponds Are - Ephesus

Turtles in Pond Below Temple - Ephesus

Storks in ..........on Aquaduct - Near Ephesus

Nesting Storks do their Greeting Beek Clicks

More Nesting Storks on Aquaduct Pillars

Hey, Wacha Lookin' At?

Typical Turkish Horsedrawn Cart

Storks, colorful and prodigious quantity of apt. buildings, hand/face splash of toilet water on buses, stewards on buses, bus terminals like airports, very beautiful, green countryside, lots of agriculture(orchards,vineyards,field crops), large plots of planted forests - evergreens, villages and cities are intermixed with agriculture - zoning is not done by land use or taxes has no impact on land use...gas at $5.40 US/gal.(converted from liters/lira), teacher incomes 700 lira/mo.($510 US), ave. income 300 lira/mo.($220 US).

The people in this country are genuinely interested in tourist $$$$, they do not exude the same friendliness we found in Syria.

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