Desert Storm 2009 travel blog

on our way to explore the lake

captain Russ

amphitheater in the background

checking out the cave

a size reference

inside the cave


down a canyon





checking out a slot


pictographs down a canyon

Anasazi ruins

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Today was a day of relative leisure. We rented a boat for the day and toured several canyons off the lake. It is a fun way of seeing the geography in a whole different manner.

We explored several different canyons all of which had different things to offer. One had a VERY large amphitheater that you could drive into. Hopefully the pictures are able to show the immense size of this structure. Other canyons offered views of differing formations including one in which we actually found an elusive Anasazi ruin and pictographs.

It was amazing to us how many boats we encountered in ever canyon. The lake is full of boats, the canyons are full of boats, the ramps are full of boats the parking lots are full of boats.

Russ did try his skill at wakeboarding. Many failures.

Some success.

Oh well.

Short update today. Enjoy the pictures.

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