Trekking with Daisy 2009-10 travel blog

The first stop this morning was at a beauty salon so I could get a haircut. I had an appointment with the same woman who had done a nice job on Myra’s hair earlier this week.

Wanda had an appointment with her family physician soon after my haircut. I had taken a crossword puzzle book but had time to work only one and a half puzzles while waiting for Wanda. From there, we went to the Post Office and a car wash and finally to a shoe store.

Tonight we attended the community sing-along. Ted worked in the sound booth. Wanda usually plays the piano but not tonight. Some of the people who participated are quite talented and the others…not so much. :>) It’s all for fun and fellowship and they seemed to be having a good time, so it doesn’t matter. Afterwards, several of us went to Carl’s Jr.

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