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Passage from Ukraine to Romania

Aug 17, 2009

Monday is spent preparing to sail south. Our plan is to sail about 30 hours and arrive in Mangalia, Romania. We pay our bill at the marina, and notify the customs & immigration people and the harbormaster of our plan to depart tomorrow morning at 0500.

Aug 18, 2009-09-01

We awake Tuesday morning at 0400, walk up to the authorities to get officially checked out of Ukraine, and we are underway by 0455. We get out of the harbor, and the engine “low oil pressure” alarm goes off. Inspection shows that the just installed oil filter is leaking. It was Ok while the oil was cold. When the engine warmed up and the oil thinned out, it leaked. Tightening it did no good. We call back to the marina for a tow, and a motor yacht shows up at 0610. She tows Gemini, nice and slow, back into the harbor, and we tie up at the fuel dock. Next one to show up is our guard. Since we had already checked out of the country (with all the paperwork that goes with that), we were not allowed to get off the boat. Then a wonderful thing happened – a man came over and offered to help. And he spoke English!!! He is a local business man, and has a boat right on the other side of the fuel dock. So our new friend phoned all over Odessa to find the replacement oil filter. He was so helpful, especially in talking to the locals. Finally about noon, a replacement one was found at an auto dealer – not quite the same but it fits. We wave good bye to our new friend and our guard, and are underway again by 1335. We have wind on the nose at 8 knots, so we power along. Sun sets at 2000, and we power through the night. Arrive in Sulina, Romania in the morning

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