Desert Storm 2009 travel blog

entrance to Little Wild Horse Canyon

walking in

still walking

an early slot encounter

slot fun

enjoying a rest from the hike

Russ climbing adventure

higher and higher

Mark, Mike and Bobbi in a new slot

the gang catches up

the first carry

Bobbi riding out of the fall area on Mike's shoulders

the final splint

creating a brace from camera straps and sticks

carrying out through the really narrow slot

still going

fireman' carry - didn't work well

the 'diaper' technique

contemplating the plan

this actually worked well


more difficult

difficult going

we walked a mile like this

close to the end

the final push

we made it

our handiwork

coming to a clinic near you

Goblin Valley

it was an amazingly strange place

on a goblin top

couldn't resist

the mouse goblin

Kathy with her mushroom friends

amazing colors

Mark and his goblins

the park logo

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Before the fall

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Final carry out

We left Green River and took the fairly short ride to Little Wild Horse Canyon where the plan was to experience some slot canyon hiking. Little Wild Horse is just west of the Goblin Valley State Park, the second stop.

When you arrive at Little Wild Horse you immediately know the place is special. There are big rocks everywhere and very significant washes. The signs warn of the danger of the flash floods which create these beautiful slot canyons.

We hiked to the juncture of Little Wild Horse and Bell canyons. Bell would be the second leg of the journey. We hope you like the photos going in but the ones coming out are probably more interesting.

As we journeyed into the canyon there are several places where the slots become very narrow – everything we had hoped for. We paused at a very large opening which became Russ’s playground. He climbed to the top of one wall to investigate a cave 100 feet up. The Kathys stayed below, giving him direction. Mike wandered off to some other ridges. Bobbi and Mark decided to check out another passage behind some bushes that turned out to be another slot.

While the first two went in for the explore Mike decided to join them .

Russ became stuck on his journey and couldn’t find his way down. The Kathys were becoming a bit concerned about his safety.

The other three had troubles of their own. The slot was full of water the choice was to walk in it – not a good choice because we didn’t know how deep it was – or scale around it. Bobbi and Mark started to straddle walk the slot but her legs were a bit too short. Mark decided to go over her – hope we can find the pictures of that!

Here is what it looked like while we figured out how to negotiate the water.

Then it happened. The fall that changed our trip and made us all appreciate how precious every moment can be.

Bobbi lost her grip and fell into the soft sandy bottom of the slot. Her knee was badly injured and she couldn’t put any weight on it. This would be a problem if we were walking down the sidewalk but was even more of problem when you are a mile into a slot canyon. We rigged up a brace using some camera straps and sticks. We employed various methods to get her out, some of them basic such as lifting on shoulders, and one very imaginative using a backpack as a sort of chariot. The pictures tell the tale better than I can here.

The update is that both the ACL and MCL are torn. Mike and Bobbi had to cut the trip short and headed back to Vail to get one of the knee specialists to look at it. The rest of us went on to Goblin Valley with the thought that they would join us in Bull Frog for a day on Lake Powell. But that wasn’t to be.

The Goblin Valley pictures are very cute. These rock formations look like little mushroom people. You can walk down into the valley and mingle with them, which was much fun.

The map pin is not exactly in the right place - I did what I could. Also, internet access has been difficult so I'm sorry for the lateness of the updates.

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