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Visited Orvieto, only 30 minutes from here, but drove around an hour and a half trying to find the parking area. We toured the Duomo and found it to be a near replica of the one in Siena. It had a beautiful facade full of bright mosaics and we discovered the source of the Corpus Christi Catholic Holy Day. Ask us about the relic housed there. There was a beautiful, graphic, and somewhat scary fresco of the end of the world in one of the chapels. They really tried to get the story across for those who could not read. We were on the hunt for a room for the next two days but decided to go back and check email to see if we could get a room in Assisi. We walked into a deli, asked for a couple sandwiches, and they made them for us on the spot with fresh bread and just sliced meats. It wasn't as easy as I made it sound, no one spoke any english but us. Buona Sera for now!

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