Just like kids, schools in session we take over...

Not much else is cuter than these guys

tidying up their dens

Lemurs staying warm

funny little guys

just about the most wondeful little guys in the petting area

That's Tim with "another" old goat.

Everyone say, "awwwwWW".

two polar bears at PDZA, wow are they huge!

This is Boris, swam right by Dave !

How big is a polar bear? That BIG...

Hey, ya "otter" have a toy like mine!

my toy, get your own toy.

puffin, puffin up to stay dry...

wonderful colors, who's the artist of nature? GOD

Siblings at the zoo, Rebecca's brother Tim

Who's your walrus? Who's your walrus?

Like Paul said, "I am the walrus". coo coo ca choo!

seal education and feeding..

colors and combination training.

Center stage for a short show.

a trained horned bill?

he fetches and returns.

Ok, all you Texans say, "awwww"...

Asian Eagle Owl.

Go Beaver's !

Rebecca sure had fun feeding the budgies...

buy the the seed stik, put it out there and presto, budgies.

river otters, in a snit fit making noise about something.

a whole gang of them

can't remember what kind of tiger, but it's rare

the PDZA entrance

Tim & Donna and us spent the day touring but not what you'd think. We didn't go to a fancy event or ritzy place. They said one of the best zoo's around was a small one in the Tacoma area on the road to Gig Harbor, called Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium (PDZA). We weren't disappointed. Though small this place has a lot of heart. Heart? you say? Yes "heart", it seems this zoo & aquarium has the "heart" to take in otherwise unwanted castoffs from other zoos and give them an extended life. For instance, Suki (I believe) is an Asian elephant of 48 yrs, so abused by a circus her trunk was broken and with her abuse came mental challenges, that the Portland, OR zoo couldn't/wouldn't handle anymore. So rather than allow them to "put her down" PDZA vouched for her, along with a huge sum of money from a local built Suki and her friend (another terrible case) a 3 million dollar enclosure and care. Wow, what a committment! There are other cases of rescued animals at PDZA.

The 150 mile round trip for the day was worth the effort and small cost. On our way back home instead of putting up with drive-time traffic we pulled into an Azteca restaurant. Been awhile since we had good Mexican food. After that the drive back to the TTN Chehalis preserve was a breeze, least for us, Tim did the driving.

For more info about Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium go to: www.PDZA.org

After a day like this Dave has to rest his back so we'll take acouple days off from touring or working and let him rest. He's still about 90%, the last 10% is going to take time.

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